Disney Crossy Road UI Concepts

Icon Design for Pocket Play Apps' Pool Rivals

Rotorhead UI

The Front-End UI
The initial concept for the UI and HUD was to create a front-end that did not exactly feel like it was part of the game world, but more as webby-design setup software. This would contain the mission briefing, helicopter and soldier selection, upgrades and settings. Right from the start we all agreed that on a colour palette of orange black and almost-white. I like the idea of the flat graphic design style with animated elements. A motion graphics feel. I played with a lot of shapes and edges and applied them to needed elements.

In Game UI and HUD
At this point I made a start to the In-Game UI and HUD. Even though we wanted a non-in-world front-end I still needed some design consistency. I took some of the shapes from Illustrator into Photoshop and laid them over a screenshot of what we have in game up to this point. These are some ideas for a radar, fuel and life meters. This particular shot is for a rescue mission. The top left corner shows people that need to be rescued, are currently in the helicopter, not-rescued and ones that are in danger. I went for an info-graphic style to show the people that need to be rescued.

Aussie Cricket Crew UI